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January 19, 2020

Pack of Valentine kits


I have packed 3 of my Valentine kits as a pack. 
Ordering info is at the bottom of this post.
Please read it carefully ♥

 Here's how ordering goes, please follow the steps carefully:

The price for this set is 5 € (euros).
My paypal is

 In Paypal choose the currency from the dropdown list as EUROS
and send the payment as "send money to a friend",
that way your paypal fee may be smaller or even free,
depending on your own currency.

Please take care the payment i receive is full 5 euros,
I can't accept smaller amounts or any other currency than euros.

After your payment please email me
telling me the name you paid with,
and your email address i send the download link to.
If you prefer having the kits zipped into your email,
just let me know. 

Thank you for still loving my kits ♥  

1 comment:

  1. I'm getting to know your blog now, I'm from Brazil. Their works are beautiful, and I noticed that there are free kits on your blog, but when I tried to download the material, the links no longer work! I got sad.


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